Construction Management.
Advance water & wastewater technologies.


We offer two core engineering services areas, these being Construction and Design.

Our Construction Services

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Design, supply and installation of water and wastewater treatment plants, or components such as ultraviolet water disinfection, pumps and controls, blowers and aeration systems, extended aeration systems, biological attached growth fix film, membrane bio-reactors, upflow filters and sand filter units.

  • Horizontal Boring and Trenchless Pipeline Construction

    Horizontal directional boring for installation of pipelines, service connections, cables or sleeves under roads, concrete floors etc. for sizes of 2 in to 8 in. We also have readily available all requirements for pipe bursting and slip-lining which utilize the old pipe as a conduit for pulling in a new pipe or bursting the old and replacing with a new pipe of either the same or larger diameter.

  • General Pipeline Construction

    PVC, HDPE, ductile iron and steel - water and sewer pipeline installation by conventional trenching methods. Pipeline pressure testing and disinfection.

  • Hot Tapping

    Hot tapping branch connections on pressure water mains up to 12 in diameter.

  • Pipe Jacking

    Installation of steel pipe sleeves and culverts of diameters 12 to 48 inch under roadways and obstacles.

  • Infra-structure Works Construction

    Roads and bridges, concrete drains, concrete cylinder culverts for housing, industrial and commercial developments.

  • Electrical Installations

    Overhead line installation, treatment plant power installations, motor control centres and industrial and domestic wiring.

  • Coastal Engineering Works

    Jetties and marinas, coastal protection and beach reconstruction.

  • Building Construction

    Construction of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our Design Services

Our design services include:

  • Land development infrastructure works
  • Water storage, treatment and distribution systems
  • Water well designs and construction
  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Jetties and Ports
  • Building and industrial electrical and mechanical installations
  • Land reclamation, coastal protection and pollution control systems
  • Drainage and flood control systems