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CME Services Limited is a multidimensional company providing various engineering services. In addition to our core engineering competencies, over the past ten years the company has concentrated on water and waste water management sectors.

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Company Information

Our major global business partner, Siemens, allows us to be one of the premier water and waste water companies in the Caribbean. We have been in operation since 1983 initially providing the construction industry with professional services in construction, management and engineering with special emphasis in civil engineering, infrastructure development and maritime engineering

Our company has been successful in building a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who form the core around which specialist support sub-contractors are engaged on a project by project basis to efficiently execute design and construction contracts.

We offer a range of design and construction services which can be contracted individually or in combinations depending on the client’s requirements. Discover more about our services, methodologies, view past work or get in touch to start your project today.

Why Choose Us

We take a ‘hands on’ approach.

We work with the client.

Our business engagement ensures critical technology transfer to you.

Working with us you have technologies from the number one water technology company in the world.